Find answers to some common questions here.


+ How much does a subscription cost?

There are different levels of subscription to suit different levels of use. Please see our pricing page for more information.

+ Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Yes you can.

When you change your subscription, your membership restarts from the date you make the change and you will receive a refund for any unused months of your previous subscription (as per the cancellation policy).

+ Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can and you will be refunded for any full months of your subscription remaining.

For example, if you subscribe for 1 year you will pay a discounted amount per month. If you then use Deal Sherpa for 2.5 months before cancelling, you will receive a refund for the 9 full months remaining of your paid subscription (at the discounted amount).

There are no refunds for month-to-month subscriptions.

Financial Information in Deal Sherpa

+ Should I purchase a property when the Deal Sherpa feasibility shows low risk?

The decision to purchase a property or not is solely your responsibility. The Deal Sherpa traffic lights are a representation of the figures that you've provided and does not constitute advice on purchasing, or retaining, an investment property.

+ Can Deal Sherpa help me with my tax return?

Deal Sherpa can provide a report of the income and expenses associated with an investment but does not provide any tax advice.

The expense report can be a useful aid for your accountant but please seek advice from a qualified tax professional to confirm what can and cannot be used in your tax return.

+ Does Deal Sherpa receive any commission from private investment agreements arranged through the website?


Deal Sherpa acts solely as a means to promote your project for private investment and receives no commission from any agreements reached. The ability to advertise for investment is included as part of the subscription fee at all subscription levels.